Left Brain/Right Brain
2003-04-19 13:58:04 ET

I spent this wonderful afternoon in the park excercising both my left and right brain. For my right, I did a few new comics, which the fates have allowed me to present to you:

More on Dating a Lesbian.

Left brain functions were spent reading House Corrino, the third in the Dune prequal trilogy by Frank Herbert's son (Frank Herbert wrote the origional 6 Dune books, and he's far better at it).

Also, I sketched out more framework for a BME/SK system, concetrating on saving the system from costly database calls.
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2003-04-17 11:56:49 ET

I was in a really, really boring meeting, so I decided to better utilize my cycles by sketching out the rudimentary framework for a BME/SK style site. I mainly concentrated on the MySQL table spaces and how they're laid out.

Bascially, I'm trying to keep it as modular and compartmentalized as possible, for two primary reasons. One, it's easier to task out various parts to other people that way, and two, keeping it compartmentalized means individual tables don't grow to enourmous sizes and hold everything up, performance wise.

Another question was how to handle thumbnail generate. PHP has GD built in and it does a great job of generating thumbs, but it won't work with GIFs, as GIF is a patented (and therefore requires a license) image format. ImageMagik might do, I think they just forgo the patent issue and work with GIFs anyway.

Image storage is an issue too.. ImageMagic would make it difficult to store images in the database, but storing them in the database might be a huge performance issue, I'll have to do some research on that.

Keep It Up
2003-04-15 18:30:24 ET

So I'm going over what it takes to host SK or something with simliar functionality.

It will not run on shared hosting. The database calls alone are intense, and will monopolise a server. A site like this, even with limited images, probably pushes a couple hundred gigs of bandwidth a month.

A site like this requires a dedicated server, which I have. It would need MySQL 4.0.x with "select caching", which caches often hit selects, which would really save on database calls.

I know there are several efforts do something identical to mine, but I've got unique resources to pull it off. Anyone know what the status is?


Another SK?
2003-04-15 11:07:15 ET

Well it's too bad that this place is going away. I've ran online communities before and I understand how draining it can be. Draining emotionaly, time-wise, and financially.

Here is my deal. I'm considering starting a similar site, based on origional code.

I'm in a unique position in that I have almost zero hosting costs. I own and have hosted in a datacenter on a 100 Mbps link a dual proc system running Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I have a backup dual proc box with slightly slower processors.

But here's the issue. I have some experience and proficiency in PHP/MySQL programming, but probably not quite enough and definately not enough to pull it off by myself.

So I'm looking for PHP/MySQL developers who want to help.

What do you all think?

On The DL
2003-04-14 17:05:53 ET

Monday's Comic

These things are better left on the DL.

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