Another SK?
2003-04-15 11:07:15 ET

Well it's too bad that this place is going away. I've ran online communities before and I understand how draining it can be. Draining emotionaly, time-wise, and financially.

Here is my deal. I'm considering starting a similar site, based on origional code.

I'm in a unique position in that I have almost zero hosting costs. I own and have hosted in a datacenter on a 100 Mbps link a dual proc system running Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I have a backup dual proc box with slightly slower processors.

But here's the issue. I have some experience and proficiency in PHP/MySQL programming, but probably not quite enough and definately not enough to pull it off by myself.

So I'm looking for PHP/MySQL developers who want to help.

What do you all think?

2003-04-15 11:10:09 ET

hmm this is a good option and i like your thinking....unfortunatley i dont have any computer knowledge... but i will do anything to help. :)

2003-04-15 11:12:53 ET

go to Total Eclipses' latest post and join the discussion. :)

2003-04-15 11:13:11 ET

Go here; this is where a lot of discussion is going on.

2003-04-15 11:36:34 ET

dude i totally think ur right on... we could definitely use those server connections

i understand that u want to launch ur own if i had that server bandwidth and space i'd do it too online communities rock

but this one rox hardcore

i cant see it die

if u can help let me know

2003-04-15 11:38:48 ET

It would be modeled highly after this (and BME, for which this site was modeled), and all here would be invited to join.

2003-04-15 11:40:38 ET

if there is NO way of saving sk im all for your idea shade.

2003-04-15 11:41:57 ET

ya see thaz the thing we want THIS community alive

BME is kicking

and hey i'll probably join urs...

but we need SK

2003-04-15 11:42:14 ET

there is a dynamic with this group of people

2003-04-15 11:42:22 ET

we need sk... sk is amazing...

2003-04-15 11:43:04 ET

I wouldn't mind partnering with m0xie either, to help take the burden off him. I've sent him an email saying so.

However, there are many emotional issues involving running a site like this, and I'm not sure he'd be willing to give up the code/users to share, especially to a stranger (and a vegan one at that!)

If I were to host something, of course I would want to contribute to it and make it partly my own as well.

2003-04-15 11:47:03 ET


2003-04-15 11:47:22 ET

but look at the situation moxie isnt talking his email thats poste on his page doesnt work right
(it will send u an error) un less i screwed it up

and syko deleted her account

i may be presumptuous here but by those things and the way mox worded it

i think them two be out of the pic

2003-04-15 12:03:49 ET

What do you mean? You think he completely wants out?

2003-04-15 12:07:26 ET

i dont know... i think maybe i dont see why syko would delete her self and he'd say that he wont except monetary donations that he will just return them

and then put his IM on away and not answer email...

and didnt allow people to respond to the post

their weathering themselves for the storm

either their was a difference of oppinion between the 2 or they just dont waant to deal with it

2003-04-15 13:02:52 ET

Rather than wonder exactly why they are doing this, let's just work on a solution to Do It Ourselves. :)

2003-04-15 20:59:54 ET

well said

but i'm wondering aloud thats all we should still try to get in touch with them

but ya we needs to get crankin

2003-04-16 04:27:52 ET

you give us hope, my dear... keep us posted...

2003-04-16 07:51:14 ET

i try and will

the storm has been averted for now (read the announcement)

but we must ready for the typhoon of the future...

we have to have a plan of at least some substance ready to roll should shit hit the fan.

2003-04-16 19:39:13 ET

i'm sorry storm hunnie, but that metaphor was so cheesin'.


2003-04-16 20:22:34 ET

i know

i am the KING of cheese

life wouldnt be ULTRAGRAND without CHEESY metaphores


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