Wednesday's Comic
2003-04-10 08:11:38 ET

Wednesday's Comic, late on account of plum wine.

Things I Like/Things I Hate
2003-04-09 13:29:49 ET

Things I like:
  • Short-haired androgynous girls (long enough to pull, short enough to be mistaken for a boy)
  • Japanese plum wine
  • The porn star Vanessa Chase
  • Pilot v-ball pens
  • Runners high
  • Things I hate:
  • The word "huzzah". Seriously. The onion brought about the revival of a word that should have laid fucking dormant.
  • Spelling
  • Chase Manhattan bank, for various annoying issues
  • This cold spell
  • Suckubuses. No, I'll not elaborate further.

    Plum Wine
    2003-04-08 16:38:01 ET

    I'm a pretty cheap date. I'm halfway into a glass of home-consumed Japanese plum wine and I'm feeling dizzy.

    I realized that at no point in the past 12 years have I worn anything that would have looked out of place in an EMF video. I'm quite proud of that.

    My Wang Is So Pretty
    2003-04-07 05:22:47 ET

    Monday's Comic.

    I thought of this comic at the last minute, in the shower, as I was contemplating the things I tend to contemplate about when I'm in a shower.

    That is to say, I was thinking about wangs.

    Trimming your pubes (notice I said trimmed, and not fucking shaved, a distinction I'll ellaborate in just a minute) has an interesting effect of adding inches to your observed length. It's easy to see why porn stars do it.

    Be sure not to shave your pubes. To get this enlarging effect, you need only trim them, which is fortunate. Shaving pubes takes a lot longer, and if you ask any girl who shaves her pubes, she'll tell you what a fucking pain in the ass it is.

    Remember, when you trim your pubes, you too can look like a porn star.

    More Friend Cleaning
    2003-04-02 11:10:37 ET

    I just had to block this girl on IM. We dated once, but all she does now is IM me with how bored she is.

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