2004-04-29 20:46:14 ET

Oh yeah, I'm in Hawaii right now. Maui to be specific. It's amazing. I'm pissed that I haven't gone here before. The food is amazing (it's really easy to be vegan here), the beaches are great, and I even hit up a few newd beaches. It ruled.

OpenBSD 3.4 on SPARC64 Review
2004-04-29 11:59:44 ET

OpenBSD 3.4 Review

2004-04-13 20:22:08 ET

Right now I'm kickin' it in a hotel room in Herndon VA, about 20 minutes west of Washington DC. Woot. I'm bored, and cable TV in hotel rooms suck ass.

2004-04-07 21:19:27 ET

I've got OpenBSD humming along on my Ultra 5, and I'm writing up the review now. I'm very surprised by how complete the SPARC64 port is. This little Ultra 5 makes a pretty nice firewall/security boxen. Just slap an extra PCI Ethernet card or two in, and you've got a self-contained firewall.

Me = Teh Winner
2004-04-05 13:38:01 ET

OSNews ran a contest on article writing, with the prize being a copy of the $130 Xandros Pro Linux distirbution.

My most recent article was submitted during this period, and was considered for the competition. Today I was just informed that I won.

So not only am I a dork, but I'm an award winning dork. W00t.

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