Vegas Baby
2004-02-26 07:33:08 ET

So I just found out I'm going to Vegas next week on bidness. Woot.

Mighty Morphin' Genre Chameleon
2004-02-26 05:05:03 ET

Today's Comic: Mighty Morphin' Genre Chameleon

There's a type of person that I shall refer to as a "Mighty Morphin' Genre Chameleon". You know the type I'm talking about; they pick up a new genre -- and everything that comes with it -- at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it's to make others like them, sometimes (as in the case illustrated), it's to make a particular guy like them.

In mistakes of my past, I've done this before. I've tried to be something different so that people would like me more. This is, and always has been, a fools game.

Not too sound too "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit people like me", but being yourself is the best way to go. Not everyone's gonna dig ya, and maybe even a good number of people will dislike you. But the ones that dig what you're into, those relationship will be of a much higher quality, and much more rewarding.

New Article
2004-02-24 04:28:25 ET

Continuing my series on my Sun Ultra 5, I've writen an article on GCC compiler optimizations for the SPARC architecture.

GCC Optimizations for SPARC.

Chillin' In Seattle
2004-02-12 06:03:34 ET

I'm in Seattle again. Bored. Heading off to work in a bit. Flight isn't until 1am. Woo.

Twice in one week!
2004-01-23 23:05:05 ET

Slashdot cover. These comments are more obnoxious than ever.

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