2003-03-02 22:21:13 ET

Every superhero has a beginning...

What was the cause of the horniness in this strip you ask? Well I'll tell you. A particularly raunchy episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with one Ensign Ro. Booyeah.

To be continued...


2003-03-01 22:29:45 ET

The previous owners of my apartment were smokers, and apparently heavy ones at that. As a result, the walls are rather... disgusting. I still havn't figured out what I'm going to paint them, but I'm certain they will be some color, rather than white or off-white. I've been living in white/off-white for all of my adult life, and ugly wallpaper most of my childhood. Time for some pretty colors.

Sometimes The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play
2003-03-01 00:03:59 ET

It's nice being in a position where you can tell one or more people to piss off. It's a position that comes only from self respect. I seem to have it in spades, although that wasn't always the case.

Recently, I had to give two friends the boot, one of them I was romantically involved with. I'm glad I did it, and although it may sound cold and calloused, my life is quite a bit less complicated than before. I don't feel the loss I thought I might have felt. Oh well.

I've seen alot of people list "friends are my everything, I'll die for my friends", etc. etc. Bascially listing fierce loyalty as one of those traits. I think sometimes those that go out of their way to make such claims are the least to uphold them... perhaps it's a way of self-motivation or overcompensation. Actions have, and always will, speak volumes more than words.

A friend of mine made a decision on a tattoo she wanted based entirely on her fiance. He wasn't happy with her first decision, so she modified it to suit his wishes. She was too afraid of loosing him and the prospect of being alone, which was more important to her than what she was going to do with her own body.

That really bothered me, and it took me a while to figure out exactly why. Then it hit me. By doing that, she had completely surrendored all control in their relationship to him. It's not a relationship of equals. Whether he conciously admits it or not, or conciously employs the power or not, he's the master of that relationship and she'll do whatever he says. Sexually, that can be fun, but this isn't a sexual issue. It's not my idea of a healthy relationship.

Too many peope, especially women, but also guys, are so desperately afraid of being alone that their willing to sacrifice every part of their own personality to keep whoever it is their attached to around.

I can't judge her too harshly, I've been in a place like that once, when I was 18. I think perhaps that's why I despise situations like that so much. I think most people go through something similiar. Some people do nothing but go through it, however, and are so used to being joined with someone, they have very little left of themselves.

The Long Road To Claiming
2003-02-28 14:23:19 ET

So it's a long road to claiming a place as your own. Shit is everywhere, barely unpacked or still packed, and very disorganized. It's the long process of making a place "yours". From the decorum to the smell (hopefully a pleasant one), it takes time. But I'm impatient.

Too Fucking Stupid
2003-02-27 21:32:33 ET

I wonder how many people this has happened to. You replay a scene that occured months or years earlier in your mind, and you realize, far too late, that it was a come-on. It was a potential hookup, and it was totally missed. I hate that.

Another Missed Hookup


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