Moving In
2003-02-27 18:01:01 ET

My walls, are filthy. I need to paint this place bad. I've been here over a week, and I've still yet to unpack. D'oh.

Mr. Rogers
2003-02-27 10:29:04 ET

Mr Rogers died today. He was a great man, doing public television for 38 years, and never selling out his image to make what could easily have been money hand over fist. An ordained minister and 20 year vegetarian, he tought children that "there's no one in the world just like you".


2003-02-26 10:18:14 ET

This morning was spent at the DMV getting my license replaced. Unfortunately, if you live in New York, they don't give you a new drivers license right at the DMV. They send you one, 2 to 3 weeks later. Which sucks. In the other two states I've lived and had a license (Indiana and Virginia), they've given me a freshly lamenated warm license right then and there. Oh well. At least I have my Passport to get me into bars.

Word to the wise. Don't ever carry your Social Security card with you. It's a bitch to get replaced, and if you loose your wallet, your social security card makes it much easier to replace your other ID. There's no reason to keep it in on your person, unless you're going to do something special, like open a bank account or (in my case) replace your drivers license.

Plus, if it gets stolen, you can be the victim of "identity theft". A friend of mine had hers stolen, and some lady in North Carolina used it to by a car on her credit. It's a huge hassle to get your name cleared on matters like that.

I don't ever carry mine around, and it made this a whole lot easier.

Sexy Unix Lifestyle
2003-02-25 19:22:54 ET

Sexy Unix Lifestyle.

Why Is Tony Crying?
2003-02-24 19:43:54 ET

Why is Tony crying? Is it because of a girl? A couple of girls? A guy? Perhaps the lonliness of his despair...

No. Tony is crying because dialup fucking sucks.


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