back from mars
2008-11-20 04:16:56 ET

now im on earth again, i saw stormy and we had a nice time.
here is all the same, war is everywhere...
in my flat met hunter, he lost is left arm in streetfight.
-fuck my english is so bad, maybe next time i write in german, sorry-

2008-11-20 06:03:51 ET

someone lost an arm in a street fight? holy shit.

well... welcome to SK. =)

2008-11-20 07:53:13 ET


2008-11-20 08:16:33 ET

Welcome to SK
*touches you*

2008-11-20 08:26:34 ET

Welcome to SK! :)

2008-11-20 10:26:48 ET

wie geht's?

i hope thats right. *took german in highschool*

welcome to sk, yo

2008-11-20 13:14:03 ET

welcome to subkultures! you'll find it's like crack except arguably healthier :-D

2008-11-20 14:20:55 ET


2008-11-20 18:01:05 ET


I hope I spelled that right. I saw it on a sign leaving the airport. That is the extent of my knowledge of the German language...


2008-11-21 00:18:55 ET

i think it only has one l?

i don't remember

2008-11-21 18:58:28 ET

Hello and welcome to the family! :-)

2008-11-23 17:23:45 ET

2008-11-27 00:03:24 ET

late thanx, but i think i thanked everybody personally, its just, if ive forgotten someone!

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