2008-11-29 03:28:31 ET

i just coloured my hair in black again, i thought about blueblack, but then i took black. soon i have a ride on my bike through the whole city for visiting my love. he will ink me today, my catwoman from bilal has to get more colour, maybe iīll ink him, too. he wants a comiccat.

2008-11-29 04:15:02 ET

sounds like a good time (:

2008-11-29 14:56:20 ET

I want a tattoo but I do not know what kind

2008-11-30 03:26:16 ET

we didnīt do that yesterday, i donīt wanted that pain, but next time we have to work on it. this morning kiste draw a gun on my left shoulder. thatīs my next wish for a tattoo!
statistic, there are so many tattooopages in net, maybe, when you watch them, you get an idea.

2008-11-30 08:12:46 ET

I will look in to it.

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