2009-01-14 03:53:35 ET

today i was invited by cosmo klein to join the phunkguerilla against bad taste!!! now iīm a member, thats so cool. i can say my opinion about the projects and give my own ideas, thatīll be fun!! :)

2009-01-14 04:06:47 ET

yay (:

p.s. thanks for the voicemail :-D
i'm not sure if i can actually talk to you on that phone or not cause it's on my roommate's plan and i'm not sure what her long distance costs are. regardless, your voice is hot ^_^

2009-01-14 04:25:15 ET


2009-01-14 04:54:18 ET

thanx! i get red

2009-01-14 05:05:13 ET

woo ;-D

2009-01-14 17:13:53 ET

I have the secret recipe for free international calling, Lars.

2009-01-14 18:05:06 ET

do tell!

2009-01-14 18:50:25 ET

2009-01-14 19:32:33 ET

fancy...i'll look into this

2009-01-14 21:55:46 ET

courtney: thanx! i just joined rebtel!

2009-01-15 06:49:51 ET

I use it all the time with family in works!

2009-01-15 07:52:43 ET

wow, your family comes from ireland?! nice!
i made a new painting with a flower for you and my friend, too; i just log out to put the pics on my myspacepage

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