4    2005-08-21 05:02:44 ET
Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went for a drive in the morning for nearly 2 hours, it gave me a headache which lasted all day. I felt dizzy all day too. Sucks. My aunt came over around 1:30 and we got a messenger bag and schoo' supplies for moi and we had supper and then she left.

Last night I gave Peanut and Stevie (my two dogs, pictures are in the gallery over thurr) a bath together, moved my laptop and shit into my room and cleaned like crazy, found my learning package for Inclusions and cleaned out a drawer.

Today I gotta cut the grass, go driving, clean the computer room since I left it messy, make supper, go driving AGAIN and I guess that could be it?!


 3    2005-08-19 16:49:59 ET
OK. So, if you can view this (at least two of you can because you've added comments in the previous journal entry) than can you tell me what's wrong with my page? I received a private message from someone on here telling me there's an error and the text alignment isn't correct and I don't know how to fix it. I just copied and pasted it from my crappy Myspace page into my page editor on here. Ahhhh... I'm a dumby with this stuff. So, any help would be greatly appreciated!

 2    2005-08-19 06:13:33 ET
Hey, okay so my page doesn't look all that great but I'm going to learn to make it a bit more pretty.

Yesterday I had to go to Conestoga College to write my Criminology exam. I waited in line to get the test longer than I took writing it. It was nice and easy. On the way out this guy asked me to show him where the parking lot is, since he forgot. So, I walked with him and we got talking and I thought he was really interesting...only to realize this on my way home to Woodstock and to realize we never told eachother our names, or exchanged contacts. Damn. I would have enjoyed talking to him more. That sucks.

I have to go back there today for my Psychology exam around 6:30. I hope I'm out of there as quickly as last night. Perhaps that guy has to write another exam too!

Yesterday I went to practise driving. I did well and practised backing up into parking spaces, I finally got it perfect after trying a few times. I also practised parallel parking, which went super good!! Holy crap, I hope I pass my road test Tuesday. I need to drive myself to school in September. Does anyone know how long you have to wait to retake the test if you fail? Is it two weeks or one month before you can book another G1 exit road test appointment?


 1    2005-08-18 06:28:51 ET
First day here. I will make this page look a bit better in a few days, just that today and tomorrow are crammed with stuff to do. For starters I have my Criminology exam today, and my Psychology exam tomorrow. I have to practise for my G2 test (that's on Tuesday) today and tomorrow, as well as on the weekend. I really effin' hope I pass this thing.

Anyway, off to do the laundry and then study. I'll be back later!

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