9    2005-09-25 08:46:12 ET
Oh lordly, it's been too long!

I'll just use this entry as a short update for you guys. There isn't much new with me. School's going great, I already missed my first full day of placement due to car troubles (ehh, what are ya gunna do eh?). I'm with the toddlers at a daycare in Kitchener. They teach French there often, so I gotta freshen up on my French abilities (which suck in the first place).

I feel so super crappy today. I woke up with a really sore throat and I feel like I'm going to throw up, I also have quite a headache.

I have school on Wednesday, placement on Thurs and Fri and for the first two weeks of October I have placement every single day (called block placement). That's when I'm going to get my curriculum done. Let's hope.

I can't stop yawning. I think I need a nap.


 8    2005-08-28 09:53:17 ET
So I finally got to drive by myself today. The last few days I've been taking Mom everywhere she's wanted to go. Today I went over to Shoppers to pick up some make-up and I drove around Woodstock, and went downtown.

Tomorrow - I dunno what's going on Monday...probably not too much, which sucks.

Tuesday - yay, I gotta go to school for a meeting and buy a few books. It takes about 45 minutes to get there going the back way, the highway is about 20-25 minutes but I'm not ready for that quuuite yet. I'd rather drive longer anyway.

Wednesday - take Mom out to do banking and running around. Go out for supper either this day or Thursday.

Who knows what else is going on. I know I should get together with people before school starts, but I'll wait to see if they initiate any get togethers first.

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 7    2005-08-25 14:19:45 ET
I got insurance yesterday and got to drive without my step dad riding shotgun! Thus far I've taken Nana and Mom to my papa's grave, cleaned it off 'cause they cut the lawn and it was covered in grass, took them to my aunt's near Turkey Point and took Mom to the store for her. I'm heading over to my friends place tomorrow and she's going to wax my brows and I'm going to buy some clothes.

I gotta go to the school Tuesday and I'm so effin' excited, even for that silly meeting because A) I actually get to drive myself there and B) I'm that much closer to getting ECE finished.

Dogs need baths, gotta go.


 6    2005-08-23 12:59:13 ET
I got up today and practised driving, cleaned the car out, had a visit with friends of the family, practised driving some more, went for my road test and BOOYA - I passed. Soooo happy about that. That's a big accomplishment for me!

In about an hour I'm leaving to go see Red Eye with the girls.


 5    2005-08-22 05:38:03 ET
Yesterday I went out driving for about an hour and came home to cut the grass. The lawn mower was really quiet for some stupid reason and basically gave the lawn a "trim", but it looks good anyway so meh. Then I walked to the store and bought some CD-Rs and then to the grocery store to buy some strawberry flavoured water. I came home and chilled out before supper time.

Last night was pretty relaxing. I had a nice bubble bath and watched my Kill Bill vol. 1 DVD on my laptop, alone in my room. I haven't seen that movie in a while, but it's one of my favourites. I think I'll pop in the second one tonight.

Today I probably will go driving, depends on when my step dad wants to take me. It'll probably be real soon so I should get ready (shower, hair, clothes, blah). I think I'm going to walk down to the store again today for exercise and to see if the store has those stuffed-toy monkeys again for Stevie (my dog had one as a toy and carried it everywhere until it got ripped up and we had to toss it). I might even buy some more of that water, I go through 8 bottles quickly.

TOMORROW is my road test. I'm so effin' nervous. I bet if I fail I'll cry, no matter how hard I try not to. I'm so hard on myself in the first place.

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