my funeral...
2007-12-04 22:32:16 ET

should be dramatic as possible.

ed.note: i should REALLY be doing my homework right now but whatevrz.

1. romeo & juliet soundtrack vol.2 - O verona. this is the song that's playing during the montage of violence in the beginning. perfect.
2. claption - cocaine. just so people can rock the fuck out, i guess.
3. bagpipes somewhere.

back in roman times rich people would often hire women to go ballistic and tear out their hair at specified funeral. on occasion they'd jump in with the casket.
kind of unreasonable.

lots of food. assuming my mom outlives me, i want her tamales there asap. i'll be watching.

do i want to be buried, burned, or carbonized? can't they turn your bodies into stars nowadays? or did i just make that up . . ? i'll go with whatever's cheapest. being dead is damn expensive. i'll be okay in a coffee can.

okay. homework time foreelz.

2007-12-04 23:52:57 ET

I want to be frozen in carbonite and shot into space to drift aimlessly through the galaxy.

2007-12-05 09:54:30 ET

man you must be getting the big bucks...
workin' for jabba?

2007-12-05 10:05:00 ET

Yeah, I bring in the big bounties.

2007-12-05 17:42:01 ET

since they can press ashes into diamonds now, (on the topic of diamonds again) i would like to be pressed into a record needle.

2007-12-06 16:25:19 ET

that's a wonderful idea.

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