New Trivia    2007-08-10 06:09:20 ET
Key West has voted to make getting a tattoo legal after 40 years of being illegal. Why was it illegal? Because the Navy was tired of their overly enebriated sailors stumbling down to the parlors and getting tattoos. The tattoo was not the problem. In our history of less sanitized days they also received raging infections which knocked them out of work.

Next trivia, the guy who murdered the three college students in cold blood was an illegal alien who had previously raped a child under the age of five. He was out on parole...why???? and he was not picked up for being illegal at that time. He also had a violent rap sheet. Our system sometimes sucks.

Last but not least. A husband is sueing the 1-800-flowers line because they sent the bill for the flowers he sent his his home... where his wife saw it. Divorce was filed. Does he have a claim?

His wife left a note for her husband on the bill. "Be a man. Why lie, your T-mobile still has her number on it." Think they already had a problem????

Okay, I'm done, Y'all have a good day.
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 Drifting Through Time and Space    2007-07-29 15:38:07 ET
It seems that between work and life I can only drift through the land of space during an occasional moment in time.

I have often thought and even tried on a seriously motivated basis to keep a journal. Then I realize that perhaps I do not want the journals floating with my thoughts. Have you ever wondered where to put the inside of you so that you can actually read it back? Sometimes to laugh with and sometimes to cry with and often just to remind you of things that have gone before.

I found a book of my poems once. Poems written of the sea. Poems of the majesty and loneliness of sand and sea and girl. The beauty of sunsets coloring the waves. Colors reaching out and tinting the sails of boats going where I longed to go. Poems of Asian fishermen patiently waiting for the lines to draw tight as they watched the sandpipers playing along the shore. I remember the poems now, I remember the sadness of that particular time. I remember feeling at one with the sea. I remember how the sea called to me, her voice gentle in the wind. All this I remember from finding my book of poems. All these words are so filled with life that I can still feel the emotions of the time.

Is this not what life is all about? Simply a poetry of hours which turn into days and then years. Sometimes the poetry is filled with laughter, sometimes with desire. Poetry racked with sadness and alone with the wind. A movement of words covering the feelings of the moment or the contentment of age and all that is still to be.

I hope that the poetry continues to fill my soul with words yet to say of all that has been and all that is yet to be.

 Still on family    2007-07-08 16:51:14 ET
ok, but here is the deal. Say the nuclear family is the mother, father and children living in the home. Now the kids grow up, marry, have kids or their own or not or just grow-up and move off on their own. Are they now extended family? If they move back home are they again part of a nuclear family. If the parents move into the home are they now extended family? At what point and where does one end and the other begin?

 A Family    2007-07-07 11:41:55 ET
When does a family become an extended family?

I have decided that families are like cactus. Beautiful, yet, thorny, carrying all the fragrance and thorns of individual personalitis.

Breathe Sirens, thank you for showing me how to shrink photos....
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 Ohhh    2007-06-12 06:22:35 ET
How do you make pictures smaller to put on your journal?

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