Frosty The Snowman
2004-08-16 18:28:31 ET

The show was awesome last night! So awesome, I didn't even worry about fucking up the math midterm. The good news is that I didn't miss physics this morning. Sure, I was 40 minutes late but that's not unusal. I had my full two hours of shut-eye.

After I got home, I couldn't help but tell my dad about the whole show. This is all stuff that he should totally dig but he missed out on such music as it was being played during his time. I just need to take him to the next Deep Purple show. He thought it was far out that I was wearing a purple shirt. "Just like the 60's man" as he said. We had an interesting talk about school and such. I just want to get through the summer with a steak and blowjob but we all have my future to worry about.

The fact that I'm already taking classes at school doesn't help when it comes to planning for the fall semester. Well, I already had my fun in the sun during the first two months of the summer. I sorta got used to being a lazy laos during that time. Felt sorta like "The Dude" which gave me a happy feeling for a moment. Then, I found a job, worked and got thrown back into school "as planned". It's turning out to be a full fucking summer! I'm 21 so I'm still young enough to have such, right? I've met many babes but none that I stayed in touch with. I'm not dating anyone and but I wish I had the time to. When I did, I had no money. Always an excuse for everything! Hell, I'm even learning to drive finally. Lets see where life takes me.

Here I go again!
2004-08-15 07:24:23 ET

The Satch, Lizzy and Purple, Jones Beach!!! See ya all later.
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2004-08-11 08:40:45 ET does a body good! =)

lunch time
2004-08-09 07:20:06 ET

Fish, chips, or Pizza?

2004-08-07 14:40:29 ET

I have too much energy too do work. Imagine that, too much energy. heh.

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