2004-08-05 05:22:58 ET

I'm not going to physics today (lecture or recitation). I'm too lazy to give a shit. Yesterday's test was postponed for a week because some shmuk broke into the professors office and got caught. Well, no one knows who did but he left a trail big enough to cancel the test. That leaves two days with no lecture. Thus, the proffessor starts the class 30 minutes early. I'm too lazy to deal with such hog-wash! I also kept myself in school till 8pm for prog. competition practice. Me and Piotr spent alot of idle time watching Pirates of Silicon Vally and ultimately watching Harold and Kumar which I think is pretty far out!

In supplement, the first lecture of Differential Eq (Math) starts today at 2pm. This will be 3rd time taking this course. BLOODY HELL!

I really don't wanna rush out of the house (like I usually do) so I'm pacing myself. I think I'll make a chedder-chesse omelet. Starting the day off with some spiffy tunes as well.
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Fish and Chips mate!
2004-08-03 10:37:47 ET

I had my first Fish and Chips meal today. It turns out that the chips aren't chips but fries instead. Pretty far out since I was born yesterday.

Opeth gets me horny
2004-08-02 08:36:05 ET


follwed by ethereal sounding melotron and vocals. It makes me think of making out with a babe.

"I Wait" by Gregory L. Maglio
2004-08-01 12:27:30 ET

I Wait to do homework
I Wait to do laundry
I Wait to eat

There, my very first poem self inspired poem. Enjoy!

2004-07-31 19:44:09 ET

I've spent the last three nights helping a friend with his Eagle Scount Service project. He had us paint/clean a nursery in a church. All went well there but it took plenty of my time and energy during the past days. Then again, my project was the project to end all projects.

The project ended at 2ish today. After that, I spent most of the day doing physics homework. I eventually ended up in an italian restaurant with my brother and folks. On the way there, I couldn't help but notice all them darn kids/people gallavanting and having fun. I wanna have fun, I really do! I had a whole two months to mess around but I really didn't use them. Even at the restaurant, the waiters were hitting on two very fine babes. I want that job! On the way home, we see a chick riding on the back of a motorcycle. I want those! The chick and the bike. I want, I want, I want!!!

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