The best con EVER!
2004-07-11 20:47:12 ET

I spent the weekend at HOPE where I encountered otherSKusers.

The scene got tiring for awile so I spent a good portion of the day traveling to and from the island to get cleaned up on Saturday. Friday was very far out. I attended a very cramped party in one of the hotel rooms. Many drink and merriment to go around! It ended early due too noise and shortage of said space. Actually, it moved but I didn't follow.

I'm sorry to cut this short but I have work at 9am.

2004-07-07 19:49:05 ET

The BBQ was far out! Pics to come!

As of yesterday, I am now employed. I work for a private engineering firm that's on the other side of the island. The commute is quite nice since I only have to take one bus to get there (during peak hours anyways). My new boss is even willing to match my schedule with school so this is sooo great! It pays quite nicely and the work is a lot of fun. So far, I do CAD work, drafting diagrams for our clients. This job is a hell of a lucky catch considering the fact that I'm getting the same work experience as a lot of the other kids at my school who have super GPAs and all that bull. So far, the company is just getting off the ground again (after residing in queens for many years.) It's all ran from the basement (being converted to a sizable office as we speak) of my bosses house. What's even more far out is that it took me hours to recognize him. He played bass with Brian Droogie's band at one of the ITV parties years ago. We even jammed for a bit in his home studio. I'm still trying to adjust to the work schedule as far as sleep. My first full today was 9-5 and I have my first driving lesson at 8am tomorrow. I must thank Bob for all his help on getting me reoriented with the various versions of Auto CAD. I even used one of his books today. This is sooo N33T!

Living on the streets...
2004-06-30 11:54:32 ET

...I'm no stranger to love.

I know what I'm gonna do tonight!
2004-06-29 13:25:58 ET

I'm gonna sit in my room and read the new books I got from the library, and jam. There are other things on my mind but I'll mention them later.

2004-06-24 14:08:53 ET

It's funny how many of the rivet like items listed on ebay (studded belts, jackets, etc...) are described as "EMO"

too far out...

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