Mr. Maglio's post.
2004-03-10 10:17:34 ET

So, I dressed up for the career fair at my school today. I felt like Dave Coverdale all day today cause I'm so awesome!

On a footnote, some girl I know made it a point to avoid me at the subway station. She hid behind a piller to make sure I didn't see her. I could've went up to her to ask her what's wrong but I didn't recognize her at first. Well, I guess I have that affect on people as well.

M4D_CH1X and Good Day,

-Mr. Maglio

Did I mention?
2004-03-02 12:43:45 ET

...that I saw Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple last night?! One of the best shows ever!

Here it is before it gets fucked.
2004-02-29 20:01:24 ET

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Opeth, we meet again.
2004-02-28 20:50:45 ET

I saw them for the third time last night! It was a great show as usual and I have so much to say about. One thing that must be said is that these guys could be the next Pink Floyd if it wasn't for the fact that half their fans had attention deficit issues. Opeth played the titled track off of Blackwater Park probably for the first time ever! During the clean guitar interlude, two girls were yapping about something-something which I thought was really rude. There was also some freak in front of me that was yapping about how he had no time for "this bullshit" as he called the performance. It really pisses me off. This happened throughout the last show as explained in my July 18th post.

I also saw Passion of The Christ today. Great movie which was never worth the controversy.


2004-02-22 18:52:21 ET

I've heard that during the past few weeks that the so called "Rock Capital of Brooklyn" has been closed. I have no idea why or exactly when.

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