The weekend
2004-02-21 07:34:26 ET

Last weekend (that three day one) I didn't do much at all but homework and it was quite fulfilling. Today, I sorta planned on dropping by the library to drop a book off but I don't know if I even wanna do that.

Weekends are interesting for me. They give me a chance to seclude myself from the outside world. Even when I take my long walks to the library, I'm pretty much by myself. When I do go out these days with friends, it's usually a planned event. This mostly has to do with school of course, not that I'm complaining. I remember spending the winter break doing mostly the same. I'll contiune this later. Have a very good day.

You know I was thinking...
2004-02-16 09:36:58 ET

I may not be the best guitar player in the world but I've been recording some licks and riffs to stout files and I sorta like what I hear when I play them back. I'm working on recording with the delay/reverb effect but even without that I still rather listen to my own shitty trite music than alot of the shitty stuff out today. That's what they say, if you don't like what's there, make your own! Seriously, I need to make longer recordings and start queueing 'em up on my playlist along with everything else I listen too.
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What/Who I love in Valintines day.
2004-02-14 11:54:40 ET

WHO: The SSH blowfish
WHY: ssh tetesuro@localhost cat /dev/dsp > /dev/dsp
Discovered by: Piotr
Explioted by: me, for guitar purposes.

More to come later.
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What's been on your mind Mr. Maglio?
2004-02-11 20:58:10 ET

Good question,

School mostly. With 20 credits on my plate, I sale through the depths of the abyss with tons of things to do. Never a dull moment in Greg Land. The Valintines day of rekoning is approaching. I cared last year (boo-hoo, I felt alone) but I'm not really sure where my thoughts/time will be on Saturday. I saw this cute girl in the computer lab at my school Tuesday. I thought I recognized her from highschool but I was mistaken. I didn't really talk with her at all. I just asked her what highschool she went too. I really hope I see her again and this one better not have a boyfriend or else I'm gonna loose it. They all have boyfriends these days.

Oh, my new toy came in the other day. It's a cisco aironet 350. A wireless ethercard to replace my last two.

Metrosexual Part 1
2004-02-03 21:32:31 ET

I spiked my hair today... with gel and everything. Stay tuned.


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