It's 7:45am and I'm at school!
2004-01-27 02:41:43 ET


"We're lost children of the sea..."
2004-01-23 08:45:15 ET

Yesterday was, oh, so fun! M4D_CH1X as usual. I went to the Linux World Expo uptown where I proceeded to talk to woman in the strangest manner. I say wierd stuff. I picked up tons of swag which included various proprietary demo CDs. I missed out on the Solaris 10 give away. Many companies were stupid. Perhaps I'll elaborate on that later.

My friend Boris has been helping out at the gentoo table. they're the best linux distribution ever! Every one should use it! I do!

Matt showed up as well. We all spent the last minutes of the expo trying to armwrestle but I couldn't... Matt and Boris had this way of sitting crosslegged as they placed they're elbows on the floor to armwrestle. I couldn't place my elbow on the floor for my life. It seems I maybe to fat to hunch down. I'll work on that! I must also do stretches.

After sitting on the floor and waiting, some guy from one of the other tables came by and brought up the prospect of going upstairs to crash the IBM party. My friend Felix was like "Oh no, don't go, don't give me a bad name or something!" Well, he came with us. Everyone at the party (except us) wore the finest of attire and dress. I even had my good shirt on. I ate, drank (OPEN BAR!) Thank you IBM! The evening ended with some stupid converstation about "The next user interface" People mingled with The Company

After all that, Me, Boris and Matt left to go towards wendys where we talked about all sorts of things. I'm also have Matt's Led Zeppelin anthology set because he couldn't carry it with him. I'll stop here for the moment, there maybe more later. *This post has not been proof-read.*

2004-01-17 22:56:59 ET the best Rush song ever!

I started off the day by making the occasional yet rountine stop to the library to drop off "The Gunslinger" and pick up this. It is my intent to utilize such literature to build some guitar effects. I also picked up more fuel for my zippo (yeah, so?) It was a nice, long walk. I saw some inusually good looking M4D_CH1X during this trip, even at the library. Everytime I saw a female, they would either be leaveing when I came in or going into a car as I was passing by. They probably smelled me from a mile away.

Well, not much more then that. I had plans to go out and meet some broads (M4D_CH1X) but I couldn't find anybody else that would be interested in doing such things. I've spent another evening in my abode just generally chillen out. I hope to do something fun tomorrow. We'll see what fun is tomorrow.

Also, my brother and his friends were watching a video of their escapades at this New Years Eve party they attended. Quite interesting, such footage as kid in bubble jacket rolling downstairs included. By the way. the party went bust when someone yelled "DTs!" There probably weren't any detectives in sight according to my brother.

If you don't want to be bothered, stick with Krap-za!
2004-01-15 09:13:15 ET

14:01 -!- Irssi: Starting query in Undernet with |Amina|82
14:01 <|Amina|82> r u there???
14:01 <tetesuro> WTF?!
14:01 <tetesuro> Yes, I'm here.
14:02 <|Amina|82> yeah hello
14:02 <tetesuro> Hi
14:02 -!- |Amina|82 [~Anuma_77@]
14:02 -!- ircname : SabrinaAlone_27
14:02 -!- channels : #mp3friends #balcescu #crazyppl #craiova #constanta
#mp3latino #Pico +#armonic #mondongo #mortal
14:02 -!- server : * [The Undernet Underworld]
14:02 -!- End of WHOIS
14:03 <|Amina|82> so wat do u do then?
14:03 <tetesuro> I goto college but I'm off for the break currently.
14:04 <|Amina|82> hey just rememberd dat ive got a pict, wana see it?
14:04 <tetesuro> What do you do? It's a surprised to be messaged randomly.
14:04 <tetesuro> sure
14:05 <|Amina|82> ok here is my picture jus double click on it check it out.. tell me what you
think ok?
14:05 <tetesuro> Still loading...
14:06 <tetesuro>
14:06 <tetesuro> explain
14:06 <|Amina|82> i'm busy now chat to u later, bye for now!
14:06 <tetesuro> haha, ok.

I'm not sure what that link to the *.com file is all about (*a hem* VIRUS!) but I'll put it through the ol'dosemu very soon.

2004-01-13 13:28:48 ET

I can't believe how much time I waste by listening to maiden and downloading Rush. Time is better spent listening to maiden and reading Dune or Listening to maiden and chase'n skirts. We'll see what happens.

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