2004-01-08 13:14:40 ET

I spent the first post holiday week of my break being the nerdy laos that I am. During each day this week, I stared at code, electronic schmatics that I really don't understand and Star Trek. I'm making some progress in my studies of PERL and guitar effects. I've been trying to wake up earlier than 1:30 in the afternoon so that I could be in touch with a normal schedule like every other tax paying american.

In other news, I went to the 2600 meet/party last friday evening. It was a really 'Xtreme' party, more 'Xtreme' than most that I've been too. It's not like I had M4D_S3X or anything but it was still M4D_FUN!

I visited Mitch on Monday evening to drop off his Krebstar stickers. While at his abode, he showed me R.O.T.O.R, the best worst movie ever! We also had a few laughs staring at a certain aol hometown page. Fun times!

As for my worries, I need to figure out what I'm doing this summer. I might be in school to make up some credits. I havent been doing my best during the last two and a half years at my school and it's time that I get going next semester. My financial situation isn't too good either and I'm obviously not working during the next two weeks since I never got on the job hunt soon enough.

I either goto school or work for the summer. If I goto school, I have to take out more loans to pay for it. If I work, I just have to make sure I apply for jobs early. I could probably wait as late as march to do all this but I better do it. What I'm really hoping for is that I get hooked up with a work study, a paid internship or anything in my field of study instead of some shitty mall job. A code job would be nice if they existed for me. I'm quite fearful that I have no chance at any of this but I gotta try.

My main concern is that I might be in school one more semester or year than planned. I have no idea if I can pay for that yet.

I've also been practicing my guitar alot more, but I don't think I'll ever focus enough to be great or even good.

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New buddy icon!
2004-01-03 13:42:34 ET

Alex Zino... ...Lifeson!,2071,NPDN_14940_2549000,00.html,2071,NPDN_14940_2547066,00.html

Alone, so fucken what?!
2004-01-01 11:10:11 ET

I spent the evening in my room with my good friends Johnny Walker, (He)Ineke(n), and my internet friends. My internet friends sucks. I mean, I wasn't complaining about the situation but atleast two of my friends were whining...

"I wish my girlfriend or boyfriend was here."

Well, I didn't get a girlfriend for Christmas so fuck you stupid spoiled american children! I was thinking of following my little brother and his friends to their little party but I'm in no mood for highschoolers (except present company.) Besides, that party went bust when some randoms kids started panicking about "DTs."

My brother and his friends crashed in the den and we all hung out for awhile watching Homestar cartoons. I went to bed really zonked at 5am which is bad because I woke up with a hung over and 9am and ended up nursing that till... now with more sleep and weird dreams.

Nice time was spent with the rest of the family during all this. We pigged out on chinese (food not people like last year). My dad took it upon himself to drink ALLLL the champaign and watch the ususal late night comedy. He kept falling asleep in front of the TV and everytime I saw him, he'd be watching the same exact scene/joke I saw him watching 15 minutes ago. It was alright! I'll be on party mode friday evening when I make my way to the 2600/HHH party.
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2003-12-31 20:25:06 ET

Another shot of Walker or another beer?

Just so we're all clear on the subject.
2003-12-31 17:22:24 ET

(22:18:28) D00D: hey Grek, if i dont see you later on, Happy New Years.!!
(22:18:48) CountMech: Yeah man, you too!
(22:19:12) CountMech: Oh, I don't mean to be a sour type of guy but it's "Greg"

I hope you're all clear on this.

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