While minding my own business...
2003-12-01 19:53:27 ET

...I became disturbed by this -> http://www.trektoday.com/news/160901_01.shtml

I love Star Trek and its chatacters but the actors all look like a bunch of skanks. I had to look twice to see if that was really Kes, she's as bloated as a good year blimp compared to the fine and petite thing she was during her time on Voyager. ...and look at Major (Colonal) Kira. She took the liberty of changing her hair color and age (she added 20 years) ever since the end of DS9's run. Well, enjoy the pics.

2003-12-01 19:57:29 ET

lol. yeah they dont look like them without all the makeup.

2003-12-01 20:00:48 ET

Some of those were pretty scary. Geordi is a gangster, and Holodoc looks like my HS Economics teacher.

2003-12-01 20:01:14 ET


2003-12-01 20:01:57 ET

Yeah, but even the characters that are supposed to look human on the show look even less so in person. Major Kira looks more like Ed Hunter (Iron Maiden mascot)

This is my biggest disappointment since the time I found out star trek wasn't real. Dammit, I wanted to be a starfleet officer but my parents couldn't afford to support me in that endeavor because there's no such thing. ;.(

2003-12-01 20:04:29 ET

aww. I'm a total trek nerd, I think I've seen every one of thse people in person. Marina Sirtis (Troi) is gorgeous.

2003-12-01 20:04:53 ET

if I was an ator in Star Trek I would have to saty in makeup and costume all the time, you'd get so much more respect
Wait no... you'd probaly get beat up, but still

2003-12-01 20:11:17 ET

jake is all growed up!

2003-12-01 20:13:20 ET

I used love the dynamics between Jake and Sisko.

2003-12-01 20:38:35 ET

Angel: Wow, you met 'em in person? Say, do you think her and worf have a thing going? I know she's married but I've seen atleast one other picture where they're holding hands and stuff.

Pix.. I mean Sky: ...and shaved too!

Angel: Why yes, I always appreciated the fact that Sisko accepted Jake even though he wasn't into the family business. Jake held his own during the war as a great journalist/writer. Theres much latinum to be made for Jake if he publishes his articles regarding the time spent on the station under dominian occupation. I'm such a dr0k!

2003-12-01 20:54:30 ET

I never really got into DS9 until right before they stopped showing reruns every night. I think this was when it was still on Channel 11, or maybe it was Channel 9... I don't even remember, this was before I had cable.

2003-12-01 21:03:07 ET

Nah, I don't think she has anything going with Michael Dorn..I saw her on the Imazdi tour with Jonathan Frakes and she was holding his hand. She said she's kissed every guy from the show and Brent Spiner is the best kisser of all.

2003-12-01 21:03:12 ET

Channel 11! DS9 was probably the best one. In recent history, I've been very-very addicted to watching the episodes that have been posted on usenet (alt.binaries.startrek) I even took off from study time to watch the one and a half hour series finale. This is why I might flunk physics, because STDS9 is the best show ever!

2003-12-01 21:08:10 ET

Oh testesuro, I love you, DS9 is my favorite Trek series, hands down the best writing. The Dominion War was awesome.

2003-12-01 21:10:52 ET

I missed most of ds9 but it was my fave of all the series

2003-12-01 21:12:00 ET

It took me awhile to warm up to it, but once I did I never missed a show.

2003-12-01 21:23:58 ET

My mom feels the exact same way. She wants me/dad to get her the series 6 and 7 dvds for christmas. Hey, what do you think of Weyoun? Me and mom love that guy!

Weyoun: Do you pledge your loyalty to the founders?
Jem Hadar: We pledge our loyalties to the founders from now until death.
Weyoun: Then receive this gift from the founders as reward... etc, etc...

Can anyone fill in the rest?

2003-12-01 21:31:31 ET

I prefered TNG myself. I never really got into any of the other shows. I think TNG was more of a headfuck series.

2003-12-01 22:02:07 ET

I loved Weyoun, he was delightfully smarmy.

2003-12-02 07:54:35 ET

This thread is way too dorky for me

lets talk about cool stuff, like Star Wars

2003-12-02 09:53:04 ET

Yeah! I used to love Star Wars! I used to play the card game and read all novels (Not the movie adaptions, but the continuing story) Yay for Star Wars! (before episode I) I wish I can bring up some more fond memories of all this. Oh yeah, I have a pretty mean figure collection.

2003-12-02 16:18:58 ET




2003-12-02 17:17:13 ET

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot about that! Are you gonna try to get your tix during the presale?

2003-12-02 18:44:38 ET

Tomorrow at the office i'm gonna try on the 'net

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