2003-04-17 19:35:57 ET

(00:23:07) Venadium23: you should post an entry on your page so everyone can say WELCOME TO SK
(00:27:54) CountMech: I might as well...

Hello citizens! I'm Greg and this is my first SK post. I'm so excited about being part of this nice and cozy community. I should get back to work now. I'm currently putting off CS/Math homework to work on netbooting my sparc (Putting that off to play with this SK account).

2003-04-17 19:38:32 ET


Now I'm not the only person on Staten Island with a SK account.

2003-04-17 19:38:35 ET

WELCOME TO SK! :DDDDD wooohooo *bounces all over*

2003-04-17 19:39:03 ET

Welcome to SK Greg :)

2003-04-17 19:39:10 ET


2003-04-17 19:43:09 ET

Haha, I saw that. ;P

2003-04-17 19:46:40 ET

Greg, buddy pal, word yo....whats up.

Welcome =)

2003-04-17 19:48:08 ET

Hello hello.. =)

2003-04-17 20:15:52 ET

Meh..... Yea, you're here. Nice to see people. Or sumthin..

2003-04-17 20:16:29 ET

or sumthin

2003-04-17 20:18:03 ET

oooh enthusiastic people.

2003-04-17 20:19:20 ET

damn skippy i'm enthusiastic.. baaa

2003-04-17 20:19:33 ET


2003-04-17 20:19:57 ET


Greetings =D

2003-04-17 20:20:36 ET

Yes... mucho enthusiastic

2003-04-17 20:21:50 ET

we'd all have more fun if we were naked

2003-04-17 20:22:33 ET

i was naked today.

2003-04-17 20:22:48 ET

and covered in jell-o no?

2003-04-17 20:23:15 ET

Like The 80's.....

2003-04-17 20:23:41 ET

I thought it was the 70s

2003-04-17 20:25:21 ET

Well I like the 80's...

2003-04-17 20:27:01 ET

well ok, you like big hair and leg warmers? hehehe

2003-04-17 20:27:26 ET

I Love The 80's.

2003-04-17 20:27:59 ET

.....i got nothin

2003-04-17 20:28:17 ET

I did lots of talent shows in the 80s.. or something, "BLACK VELVET IN THAT LITTLE BOYS SMILEEEEEEEE"

2003-04-17 21:02:42 ET

salutations and all ever so freakishly festive greetings welcome to SK :) please enjoy your stay...
keep all arms and legs inside the ride at all times..
exits are...somewhere...
and incase of a landing in water...your keyboard can be used as a really crappy floatation device..

2003-04-17 21:27:23 ET

Well, thank you everybody! I might as well make you my buddies and add you to my buddy list or whatever its called. I might even drop you a line through aim or whatever just to say hi.

2003-04-17 21:29:07 ET

you should...cause we're cool like that

2003-04-17 22:42:57 ET

Welcome to Subkulures, Greg!

A friend of Mitch is a friend of mine. I look forward to reading your journal. Good luck with your journal. I think you'll find it strangely addicting. There are narcotic programed directly into the code of the website! It's very revolutionary. Maybe illegal.


2003-04-17 22:54:44 ET

Yeah, I've been on Livejornal for over a year but the user interaction there sucks so journal posting wasn't so addicting there. Say, I should've said hi to you sooner. I've known of your existence since eons pass (over a year). I've even stalked through your home directory on Kintobor. We might've even talked on the phone once or twice (beige boxing with Mitch). Well, might as well start the smooching now.

2003-04-18 03:33:12 ET

illegal, but not neccesarily wrong. =)

2003-04-18 05:37:40 ET

welcome :)

2003-04-18 06:18:28 ET

i enjoy the drugs in the sourcecode... *twitces*

2003-04-19 10:14:44 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2003-04-19 20:31:26 ET

haha i beat rudeboy like five times =D

2003-04-19 21:38:11 ET

Yeah, I'm totally slow.

But I bet I've done way more welcomes than you ;)

2003-04-19 22:11:07 ET

Welcome. BTW, nice Geddy shrine :)

2003-04-20 05:42:30 ET

ima go to everypage and welcome everyone so ill of done more than YOU

2003-04-20 06:43:57 ET

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