2004-02-29 11:55:27 ET

Hot off the presses!

it's my bi-monthly survey -

is any of the stuff I write good?
Be honest. Remember - you don't really know me.

A Return to Innocence
2004-02-29 11:54:10 ET

A smile, a hug
just holding your hand
the long conversations
a sweet closed-mouthed kiss

this is where is started
and where it all began
it's good to see after all
the foundation still stands
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Haiku #17
2004-02-29 11:49:52 ET

Cats stalk from windows
birds glide on early spring winds
teasing the felines

Rite of Spring
2004-02-29 11:49:00 ET

Hanking cars
chirping birds
kids yelling down the street
thin clouds
clear skies
the sun providing heat

it's been long awaited
and we're doubly grateful
that spring has shown its face

neighbors come out of hiding
talk to each other from porches
bikes are brought out
cleaned and oiled
People walk to the stores
just because they can.
the birds are surprised
by the wind that is blowing
and the chances are out
for the taking

2004-02-26 18:38:00 ET

Two job interviews in one day.
One in NYC, one here in Allentown.

I am psyched, and really really really happpy.

I better not screw this up.
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