2005-05-13 20:27:20 ET
just got back from the 1st Cav welcome home party.
The Army shelled out some serious cash for this one. There was an entire day of events. Ja Rule was there performing along with about 10 other bands. They also included a carnival with free rides and dollar beers! pretty damn cool if you ask me.

     2005-05-09 08:06:47 ET
prostitiute, i hayt u
put down the oreo kraykers and sopt doing the saix

     2005-05-06 12:47:03 ET
o.k. so i have this much figured out.
i need to lose a couple of pounds that i gained when i got back. this will improve my run time for my pt test at pldc. I am upping my workout to cardio and muscle strength every day instead of alternating days. i have 2 weeks. if i get back down to my normal weight i should get faster and coupled with my new workout routine i should be able to improve my time at least some. I was running a 14:30 2 miles and now i'm running a 16:09. gotta get that back down, because my cutoff is 16:42. thats way to close for me.

 la de dee    2005-05-05 18:04:20 ET
Beer is good for you

     2005-05-05 14:09:57 ET
so i passed my pt test today despite the unit's piss poor planning
oh well
now its on to PLDC i hope i pass
i've got to do a LOT of running between now and then to get ready. There i have to pass a pt test the morning after they keep us up all night.
from one stress to another

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