just keeps getting better    2004-02-27 08:16:04 ET
someone backed into my car today while i was at the range. then they took off! damnit

 to the ladies    2004-02-26 18:09:39 ET
so sick of being a nice guy.
hey, ladies, if you have a nice guy go appreciate him!

 k, so they arent miracle pills    2004-02-26 16:06:22 ET
after this week, a night of drinking by myself sounds good. roger that, i'm going to go make myself a drink

     2004-02-26 14:12:17 ET

Lonliness dominates you. You can hide it well, but
its there, and your friends can see it. You
constantly feel alone, and need to do things to
fill your time. Your afraid to tell people
this, but sooner or later it gets out in a bad
way, and you think you screwed up everything.
And when you are in love is when you are sad
the most. (Please Vote)

What Emotion Dominates you?
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 soundtrack of life    2004-02-25 13:38:12 ET
night of the soul: adagio for strings
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