valentines day suckage    2004-02-16 20:09:24 ET
o.k., petes sox are no longer rocked off. they are officially back on. damnit

 down to the wire    2004-02-10 11:27:31 ET
ship-off day is coming very soon. We still don't have our address for where we'll be overseas yet. We may not get it until we get over there. Then, we might not get to initiate contact for about a month. Will everyone who wants me to write to them please put your address on this post? much love- Pete

     2004-02-10 07:44:43 ET
had a great weekend! my sox are officially rocked off!
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 kill destroy terminate    2004-02-03 16:15:01 ET
lots and lots of late nights. tryin to keep my head above water.
the new pills are GREAT! work like a damn charm!
just packed up my personal box and a duffle. gotsta buy a firewire card for my ipod now so i can have some tunes in the desert.

 ruck up, troop!    2004-01-27 16:28:08 ET
check-off: one Delta duffle: packed
ehh roger that

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