Jah people    2004-01-18 19:32:06 ET
Love pow-a
a little love pow-a

stronga than de hurricane
softa den de summa rain

 we're running out of time    2004-01-17 16:28:20 ET
Rev 16:1

And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth

 let tha bodies hit tha floor    2004-01-16 19:04:36 ET
we are leaving for the big sandbox soon. i still don't have an address, but as soon as i get it i will let everyone know. we start packing really soon

 somebody get this freakin duck away from me!    2004-01-15 15:04:10 ET
we went to the m16 range today. it was cold and rained all day, so it was the ideal U.S.Army training environment. Yeah, it was miserable. My body got numb after a bit, so the cold sensation was lessened until I stepped back out into the rain. I think I got mud in my joints. I did, however, qualify "sharpshooter today, so I was happy. overall rating: good training

 borrowed survey- from forgotten youth    2004-01-13 14:28:49 ET
1) spell out your name with band names
Third Day
Early Evening

2) have you ever had a song written about you?
not really, no

3) what song makes you cry?
Adiagio for strings comp: Georges Delerue

4) what song makes you happy?
Freedom Fighters : P.O.D.

height: 6'1" Tall drink of water ain't i?
hair color: Brown
skin color: uh...flesh colored...peachy?
eye color: brown
piercings: negative
tattoos: negative

what color pants are you wearing?: desert Cammo bdu's
what song are you listening to: my mind's eye
what taste is in your mouth?: rum runner
how are you?: fantastic!

do you
get motion sickness?: nope
have a bad habit?: Yup
get along with your parents?: my parents are wonderful
like to drive?: yup, esp. fast

non alcoholic drink: chocolate milk
alcoholic drink: anything exotic, esp. cocoanut rum
thing to do on the weekend: meet tha ladies

Broken the law: Yes
ran away from home: negative
snuck out of the house: nope
ever gone skinny dipping: which time?!?
skipped school before: roger
been in a school play: sortof, i was in the pit orchestra
your cd player has in it right now: Frank Sinatra

when/what was the last
time you cried: today (i read the science of the crucifixion, it was very graphic
you got e-mail: today
thing you purchase: a salad

your thoughts on
teenage smoking: hmmmm
spice girls: bleh, hot very hot, but bleh
dreams: memories and electronic junk sparked by chemicals in stage-4 sleep

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