2004-01-12 16:57:40 ET
Chris Vega is back!!! Everyone say Hello to him. He's a good guy.

 wooo hooooo pills!!!    2004-01-11 16:52:46 ET
i feel better already!!! I'm in a fantastic mood! my friends have already said that i even sound different. I can't wait until this stuff kicks all the way in!! woot woot!

     2004-01-10 12:10:45 ET
i got a lot of sleep last night, albeit not all at the same time, but a lot of sleep none the less. the ceremony madness is over...for now *weeps*. We have to play another brigade off soon. but, TONIGHT we drink!

     2004-01-07 17:16:34 ET
so i have another ceremony in the morning sometime...when the rest of the world is asleep. i'm convinced that the army is run be incompetent morons!

why is it that the least intelligent people are the ones with power?

 a day in the life of...    2004-01-07 12:00:14 ET
well I got my pills today. woot woot
it should help increase seratonin levels in my brain.
yeee haawwww...happy-go-lucky Pete will be returning soon

I've been reading a lot in the new Bible my parents got me for Christmas.

We have to play another departure ceremony tonight at early in the wee hours. bleh

thats bout it

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