stand by is en route    2003-12-17 17:05:01 ET
sweet relief.
i get my happy pills on 7 Jan. Thank God! because i need em ! I have realized that i have been depressed for about a year now. And , as i'm sure you have all noticed, my lows are getting lower. So, I got help. I've fought low seretonin my whole life. I'm going to get a grip on it now. and what better time than before i go overseas. I'm pretty sure that i'd be in huge trouble if i didn't get it taken care of before i left.

 blah...just more song lyrics    2003-12-17 16:49:46 ET
i tried living my life through your eyes...
smother me with your breath...
you're choking what little faith i have left...
in time i'll find the truth lies inside...the truth lies, inside....

 wooooooooooooo    2003-12-16 15:22:51 ET
time to play the counting game! count the bullets, sucka duck!!!

 p.o.d. : freedom fighters    2003-12-15 17:37:16 ET
we have the right to live in peace
but you must fight for what you keep
if what you keep holds truth inside
stand up defend don't lay down and die

 eastwest    2003-12-14 12:44:00 ET
I'm all I'll ever need, so go away, keep your lies.

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