HOOAH    2003-12-14 04:50:19 ET
Our boys caught Saddam!

props to members of operation iraqi freedom!

Turn on your television and see all the people dancing in the streets of Baghdad. One step closer to a good life for those people.

 the fam.    2003-12-13 08:56:08 ET
Paery and i just had a baby!
'Baby Jah Love'

 leave approved    2003-12-12 14:40:21 ET
I just signed my leave form. woot. It will probably be the last time i get to go home for six months. If my mid tour leave is approved (while i'm in the combat zone) then i'll get to come home after six months. If not, one year. suk. I can't wait to get back to indiana where women like guys in uniform.

     2003-12-11 17:57:33 ET
just got back from a deployment briefing, no real information yet. i'll keep you all informed of specifics as they come in (address, etc.). as it looks now, i might not get to make contact with anyone for 1 to 2 months after we leave, email is the primary source of communication, and its not snail mail over there its sloth mail. 2 weeks for regular mail

 a little ouch from the swing era    2003-12-10 13:16:29 ET
Tommy Dorsey
- words and music by Ruth Lowe

I'll never smile again
Until I smile at you
I'll never laugh again
What good would it do?
For tears would fill my eyes
My heart would realize
That our romance is through

I'll never love again
I'm so in love with you
I'll never thrill again
To somebody new
Within my heart
I know I will never start
To smile again
Until I smile at you

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