God speed    2004-03-01 14:50:57 ET
we had a very long day today. but it was good. the deploying troops really appreciated us. we were told on a number of occasions how much it meant to them that we were there. it was very hard to see all those families in so much pain from the separation from their spouse, father, mother, etc.

     2004-02-29 10:30:20 ET
my sister, Sena, just got out of surgery. she is getting worse. would any of you please pray for her? i'm very very worried this time.

 ....    2004-02-28 20:01:41 ET
I just got home from the theater. We saw The Passion of the Christ. There are no words I can use to describe a movie of that magnitude. I cried through almost the whole thing. Everyone should go see it.
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     2004-02-28 11:22:15 ET
i've become aware of a deterioration in my positive attitude. my recent dealings with one "lady friend" has brought back a little bitterness that came to a head last night. My attitude toward said ladyfriend has bled to other areas of my everyday life. I'm not pleased with this at all. I don't want to digress back into the bitter Pete that i was before. So, I've made a conscious effort to get this under control today. so, if i start posting negatively again, someone please simply tell me to get it together and get back on with being the quintessential nice guy that is Pete. :) much love

 pillar    2004-02-28 10:40:08 ET
i'm farther, i'm farther from myself
when i'm next to you, when i'm close to you

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