bored off my gord    2003-09-14 12:58:39 ET
hey sk homies, what/who is your favorite:
-transformer (for those of us who are old enough to remember...*eh*)
-Ghostbuster (again, old *eh*)
-style of music
-passedtime (spelling?)
-clothing style

 whiskey tango foxtrot!!!!    2003-09-13 19:20:12 ET
what tha hell??? Insomnia is gone!! what happened? tis a black day.

 weekend    2003-09-13 10:51:08 ET
Today we played a parade in this really small town about one hour north of Fort Hood. It went really well. We sounded great and the crowd LOVED that we where there. Overall, I'd say that it was an extremely positive experience. Its days like these that give me a good feeling about my job. The parade lasted about 3 blocks (it was a SMALL town).
I made a spreadsheet of by food intake, exercise schedule, martial arts training, and sax practice. I think I should get out more. I have a luao to go to tonight. *woot* Much fun is expected to be had.
Temple College wind symphony is going better than well. Our conductor is doing a fantastic job and the band is made up of very talented musicians! It is a great playing opportunity.

 word heard, b    2003-09-12 17:05:52 ET



 gear up!!!    2003-09-11 12:05:54 ET
I'm rewriting the units sop (standard operation procedure) for repair and upkeep. I'm working really hard on getting promoted, so hopefully I'll be getting my stripes soon. I have a few people who are really in support of me. Sergeant Miller. yeah that sounds cool

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