alternate armorer
2003-10-21 18:03:14 ET

I just passed the unit armorer course. I am now my unit's alternate armorer and amnesty NCO. woo hoo. so now i have a whole lot of responsibility! Especially in the desert. yikes.

2003-10-21 19:50:42 ET


2003-10-21 20:40:58 ET

rock the casbah.

2003-10-24 12:36:52 ET

GRENADE LAUNCHER!! WOW! i want one! (i just looked at the pic in ur gallery)

2003-10-25 14:26:19 ET

now... what does an armorer do exactly? are you like the gun depot now? :-P

2003-10-25 15:44:14 ET

we are in charge of weapons and ammunition when they are in the arms room overseas

2003-10-25 15:44:45 ET

lol Paper, i'll buy you one, k?

2003-10-26 00:34:54 ET


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