2008-07-23 13:38:41 ET

Alright, it's my birthday tomorrow. I'll bet 23, yay. At least I'm doing something cool for my birthday. I'm taking the wife to New Orleans and going on the infamous Vampire tour and then getting shloshed on Bourbon St. the next night. I hope it's fun. Wish me luck.
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Ginger Ale
2008-07-19 15:11:11 ET

Well, my homemade Ginger Ale is done. It sure is better than the normal crap you get at the supermarket, but it's not quite spicy enough and a little flat. Next time 48 hours to steep and twice the ginger.

2008-07-19 03:45:36 ET

In about 12 hours I'll have my first ever batch of homemade ginger ale. God I hope it's good. I'm tired of this bland Canada Dry crap.

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