This Morning
2005-04-08 01:36:35 ET

I swear it's talking, talking to me. Sitting there, alone, so still. Standing straight up and down on my desk, the 16 oz. bottle of OJ is taunting me . . . I've been in this cubicle way too long.

The walls of this cubicle are a soft, forest green cloth lined by black steel & plastic. A peice of particle board covered with a faux marble deskpaper (?) serves as my desk. All this topped off with a black Dell & a giant call-center phone.

Staring at the screen I see our "E-PAC" program up and running. It claims that I'm ready to take calls. I could lie ten thousand years and not be ready to take another call. At least we don't get that many at 0645. It's been 16 minutes since I got on the phone and I haven't had a call yet.

I should try to make my Kung Fu class tonight, but I'm just so damn tired. Maybe I'll take a nap when I get home, but that's not for another 5 hrs 45 mins.

I start to wonder about my buddy Cam. He works here to, always sits next to my cubicle at station #3522 (I'm at #3523). He is scheduled for today but his back has been acting up, so we'll see if he comes in.

At 0652 my screen goes black. Just the screensaver kicking in. Move the mouse around some and the screen comes right back. If only something really did happen to the comp I might have been able to go home.

My thoughts travel to little miss Suzie Q. My one and only, my love. She should be at school by now. Even thought her classes don't start untill 0800 she takes me to work and goes straight to school from there.

Come on clock, tick you worthless peice of shit. Another 5 hrs 31 mins and I can go home.
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Expanding my horizons
2005-04-01 07:32:25 ET

Today I begin training in an art very new and alien to me. I will begin studying Wing Chun under Sifu Augustine Fong (Fong Chi-Wing). I expect it to be a very difficult undertaking considering how drastically different Wing Chun is from TKD. However, with that said, I do believe it is important for us as martial artists to expand our horizons, not only in the arts we practice but also in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Train ourselves in new arts, learn new things about cultures foreign to our own, meet new people, eat new foods. After all, what kind of life will we look back on when were older if we only do the same things and never anything new?

In memory of my mother
2005-03-13 11:16:45 ET

Lee Anne McTee, M.D. 1949-2005

Lee Anne McTee accepted her promotion to be with
our Lord Jesus Christ on Feb 23. Dr. McTee was born
in Mandan, ND on December 13, 1949. She spent her
childhood in North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado,
graduating from Lakewood, CO High School in 1967.
After attending the CO School of Mines for one year,
she married Richard Addison in December 1968 and
became a mother and housewife, moving her family
around the world to places such as Guyana, Portugal,
Australia and Dominican Republic to support her
husband’s employment as an mining engineer.
Lee Anne returned to her education in the 1980’s,
receiving a B.A. in Psychology from Colorado
University, Denver, in 1989. She went on to earn
her M.D. from the College of Medicine, Wisconsin in
1994, after which her love of children led her to
specialize in pediatrics.
Doctor McTee moved to Arizona in 1998 after
accepting a position at the San Carlos Apache Indian
Reservation, where she was seen almost daily, riding
to and from the job on her motorcycle. After being
diagnosed with multiple myeloma, she moved to Tucson
to be close to the University Medical Center where
she was treated. Lee considered her service to the
Apache people the high point of her working life and
she had a great love in her heart for all her “kids”
and their folks and was saddened that her health
prevented her from serving them.
In December 2002, Lee Anne married her childhood
sweetheart from Wyoming, Allan Mitchell McTee, after
not seeing each other in 40 years. She then set a
goal to learn to drive a big rig so she could
travel the country with her husband as his
co-driver. Unfortunately, her health only allowed
for a few months of trucking and she became a home
body, where she spent her time knitting many
beautiful items and managing the couple’s household
in Tucson. Other interests included Indian art,
jewelry and pottery, music, baking, motorcycling,
collecting angels and Bible reading. She regularly
attended Calvary Chapel, Tucson and Faith Baptist
Church, Huachuca City.
Besides her husband, Lee Anne leaves her parents,
Rex and Anne Abelein of Lakewood, CO; sons Jason
Addison (Wendy) of HI; Mark Addison (Stephanie) of
CO; Tom Addison of CO; and Paul Addison (Suzanne) of
Tucson; sister Michal Costello (Jim) of CA’; and
brothers Greg Abelein (Monicka) and Nathan Abelein
(Merrelynn) of CO. She also had many nieces and
nephews and a multitude of other young people who
considered her to be “Mom.”
Arizona services will be held at Faith Baptist
Church, 200 Yuma St., Huachuca City, AZ at 2:00 PM,
March 5. Her biker friends are invited to
participate in a memorial ride escorting her ashes
to Huachuca City beginning at her home on 100 N.
Silverbell at 11:30 AM. A memorial service in
Colorado will be held on May 17. Her wish was for
her ashes to be returned to Meeteetse, WY, which she
considered the happiest place from her childhood.
Her husband and family wish to express their
gratitude to the many, many people; patients,
colleagues and friends, who Lee Anne touched with
her life and who have expressed their love and
support. God’s great love radiated from her
beautiful spirit for all to see.
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