stabby stabby
2004-09-03 13:20:21 ET

Clarion Hotel finally decided to hire me. Now I have a job. I had to go give them pee earlier, something about a drug free work enviroment. I think they're just kinda weird and into that stuff. I don't know my shift or salary, but like I give a damn. I just want to have a job, and now I do, so suck it everywhere else that didn't hire me. I will now list all the places I applied at that didn't hire me: Click's Billiards; Fleming's Steak House; Laff's Comedy Club; Arizona Inn; Maverick King of Clubs; DV8; Rusty's Sports Grill; Zona 78; Olive Garden; North; O'Mailey's; Maloney's Tavern; Club Congress. All those listed above can go suck a nut.

2004-09-02 09:46:30 ET

So, two penguins are sitting in a bathtub and one says to the other "Hey, could you pass the soap?" So the other one says "What do I look like to you? A typewriter?"

Now then, ask me if I'm a tree.

squik, squik, squik
2004-08-28 21:15:07 ET

So, I'm currently at my buddies' place, those buds being Lisa, Tim, Rus, Dan, Brandi, Jesse, Suzanne, and the kid. All these people living in a three bedroom apt. Anyway, Lisa, Tim, Rus and I are watching the exorcist 3, and I started thinking that I'm bored and so I used their computer to come here and asuage my boredom temporarily.

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