Shoes are for chumps
2004-08-20 19:10:31 ET

I discovered two of Shonen Knife's first albums at the record store the other day. Thrilled I was, for I have been searching for anything by them I haven't already found. On a completely different part of my brain I have decided that I'm going to the Bejing olympics. Probabally not for Taekwondo since while I'm an excellent (ego talking) demonstration player, I'm not that great at sparring. So anyway, watch for me in 2008 . . .

2004-08-14 13:02:05 ET

So I'm now a fully fledged bartender. I passed my written by the skin of my teeth. I had to take my practical 3 times before I passed, but I did pass. Now I have a list of bars looking for tenders, so I'm going job hunting.

I did go to the club with the guys. Ash paid my way in and for my mandatory drink. It was the best time I've had at with the guys. Kerry & I chipped in to get Clay a dance and he comes back saying "That was the best money you guys have ever spent on me."
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Gentlemen! Behold!
2004-08-11 23:39:42 ET

Clay is going back to Boseman on Sunday so we're all going to throw a big going away party for him. First we're all going to see AVP, then we kick the crap out of each other, then we go eat sushi, then we go to the strip club. I may or may not go the watch strippers. I'm kinda broke, and besides, I'm bringing a date to sushi, so I can be even more broke.

I'm not so worried now about passing my bartending test. For the final we have to make 12 drinks in seven minutes. I had my first speed drill today (technically yesterday) and completed 12 drinks in 5min & 38sec. I missed my garnishes on the exotics & mismeasured my two liquor drinks, but it's all good. At least I got my bar tricks down.

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