2004-08-27 19:29:29 ET

I went to TKD today. Rebecca was there and everything was cool until water break. She all of a sudden became really pissy, talking back to Master Kim, throwing her hogu around, and just being a pain. Kim eventually had to ask her to leave, and she storm up after making a big scene. She's been a little pissy before, but not like this. I think that if this crap keeps up she may be asked to leave permantly.

2004-08-27 05:24:54 ET

It amazes me how many people on sk are from Tucson. I don't go looking for fellow Tucsonans, but we just seem to pop up everywhere like the desert rats we are.

2004-08-25 10:47:09 ET

I have applied all over town. I mean all over. From Ina to Irvington, Silverbell to Sarnoff. I finally found a promising prospect at the new Olive Garden location. They're opening in a month and are looking for any half promising applicant for all posisitions. I have the second interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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