2004-07-29 21:34:39 ET

I can walk! Doc says it's not broken but is about as damaged as it can get without actually breaking. Either way it may have to be cast, but gotta wait for swelling to go down. Now I'm off the crutches though and limping my ass around town.

Went out to my belated birthday dinner tonight with Monique. We are now going to play Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II all night.

Jinwoo called me today to say what's up. He got a job offer in L.A. but he decided not to take it. He's going to move back to Korea instead. Guess he feels a little homesick after being in the states for so long. Either way we may go hang out on friday along with Patrick & Clay down at Main Street.

Anyway, Futurama is on and so I must watch it.

2004-07-24 09:11:52 ET

It's my birthday!

And I got a cool shirt!

And I broke my foot!


life at a bar
2004-07-20 19:37:24 ET

Shooters & pousse cafe today. I now know how to give a woman slow multiple orgasms up against the wall.

Slow Multiple Orgasm Up Against the Wall -
Pour the following into a mixing glass 1/4 full of ice:
1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz. Amaretto
Shake and strain into a rocks glass
Float 1/2 oz. Galiano, 1/2 oz. Slow Gin, 1/2 oz. Frangelico
Serve with a smile, wink, and a napkin with your phone number written on it.

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