Death of Saergant Major
2004-07-12 13:51:20 ET

On saturday the guys got together to play Delta Green, a Cthulu modern day table-top RPG. My character was Seargant Major Daniel Fischer and looked every bit Duke Nukem'. He was standing in a cave looking at a group of NRO Delta agents with guns pointed in his face. Well, he's not going to go down like that, so he pulled a stick of dynamite out of his pocket and lit it on the cigarette still in his mouth. Of course, the NRO Delta boys didn't like that that so they lit him up like a fucking christmas tree with a SAW (Swat Asault Weapon), but not before the stick was lit and bang went the whole damn lot of 'em. Standard hero death, would make a good movie moment. Other than the events of our fantasy world, nothing too new to report.

More wasteful spending
2004-07-09 23:33:05 ET

I just bought this and this. Every martial artist needs a good pair of abados and my other uniform has nasty sweat stains. Ugh.

2004-07-09 21:45:24 ET

I know I shouldn't have, but I splurged and got myself the retro styled GBAsp. And now it is sitting next to me, calling me, it must be played!
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