2004-07-07 19:47:56 ET

The movie was easly redeemed by massive amounts of boobage. For a moment I thought they might have been selling soft porn at Osco. Anyway, the sound was the worst part and it kept skipping. This is not good. Anyway, "First Action Hero" does qualify for poor theatre.

2004-07-07 00:42:33 ET

I was thinking about what to write when I remembered I just bought a god awful movie for 2 dollars from the pharmacy. I must go watch this horrible thing to make certain it's bad enough for poor theatre night on saturday. I'll let you know if it leaves me in a coma.

2004-07-04 18:23:39 ET

them: Paul, are you going to kill me?

me: Yes . . . No . . . what's the right answer?

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