head hurting
2004-05-09 22:05:58 ET

I just now wrapped up my take home final for Theory, which has been two and a half weeks in the doing. Thank Jesus. Now, sleep time.

Kukakojin desu
2004-05-07 22:10:51 ET

I just got back from a party. I was the only english speaker at the party. Everyone else only speaks Korean. I do not speak Korean. I'm not sure how that was supposed to work.

Never again
2004-05-07 06:08:45 ET

How many people do you know that are sane? How many are not taking medication to keep their heads in order? I know that I count as one. Now, make a note that I'm the only one of your friends that is not obssessed with sex. I do not get laid on a regular basis, nor do I need to. I'm the only person you know who is happy & content with their life and the only one that doesn't go looking for happiness in some one else's crotch. Don't you think that one is maybe related to the other? This is reason you and I can't ever be together, the reason there will never be anything between us. These habits of your's I find abhorent and disgusting. Keep it away from me.

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