2004-05-04 19:19:15 ET

Many parallels can be drawn between humans and other creatures. Many people wonder how people can lift their hopes and then crush them, how others can do such terrible things to each other. For instance, mammal hunting orcas do a rather interesting thing. A pack of them will hunt down a grey whale and her calf on a yearly migration. They spend many hours on the hunt and then attack by seperating the calf from its mother. After they seperate the two a group of the pack keeps the mother busy while the others kill the calf by drowning it. The kill takes around six hours. Eventually the mother gives up hope and is forced to run. After all this effort, the orcas only eat the jaw and the tounge. It's thought that perhaps this is a kind of master class in killing technique. I think that humans will do the same thing. We do cruel and evil things in building people up and then leaving. A master class in how to win some one's trust, for example.

Home Coming
2004-05-03 13:28:29 ET

Monique comes home today. This is good, I've missed the girl.

D & D
2004-05-02 12:20:33 ET

Yesterday I played D&D with the group. It was cool cause we switched storytellers so the last one could play a pc. Later a couple of us just chilled untill about 4:00 am. Other than that, pretty boring. I now have to harmonize one of Bach's chorales for my theory final. Later.

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