2004-04-29 19:05:58 ET

I have three brothers. Jason, the oldest, is a very bright and successful computer scientist. Mark, the next in line, has a beautiful family and a happy life. Tom is retarded. Literally, he's 26 and can't take care of himself. He lives with father because his temper is too intense for mother to handle. Father isn't always home, he often has to travel overseas to visit various metal mines around the world. During this time Tom is unsupervised. Because he's obviously retarded, people take advantage of him. He found himself at a crack house last night. The residents there took him home and stole his identification card. They said that they wouldn't give it back unless he let them take some stuff from the apartment, claiming that without an id he'd be arrested and put in jail. Tom, being not too bright, believed them, and let them into his home. They stole a non-working printer, father's pocket knives, and the half of my cd collection that is still with my father. That's about $500 worth in cds and video games. I wouldn't be so upset, but this is not the first time this has happened. His "friends" have also stolen my trumpet, several of my collector's knives, martial art equipment, other cds, etc. Everyone in the family except father has said that Tom belongs in a group home, but father won't hear anything about it. I'm going to have grandfather bring down all the rest of my stuff next time he comes to Tucson, and untill then keep in locked up in storage. Tom is either going end up in a group home, in jail, or dead. I only wish father could see that.

2004-04-29 10:07:47 ET

I just woke up from a strange, yet very cool dream. I dreamnt I got married. To someone I didn't know. After the ceremony I finally asked her name. I think it was Marie, but I don't really remember. All I remember is that wearing the ring felt really good. I also remember she dressed all goth for the wedding. Strange, but enjoyable. Anyway, I have to get ready to drive my mother to the hospital.

2004-04-28 22:16:25 ET

Today was sparring day. I now have a gnarly bruise between my knee and quad (right at the joint), got nailed in the crotch, a bloody nose, and bloody teeth. I love sparring day.

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