2004-04-27 08:56:30 ET

I want.

2004-04-26 19:54:43 ET

I hate it when people use words incorrectly, or make up words. For instance, homophobia is not a word, or rather, it is a word but doesn't mean what people think it does. Homophobia is the fear of things being to similiar somehow. Like seeing two people with the same haircut or something. Uranophobia (I hope I spelled this right) is the fear of homosexuality. Now for a movie reference. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

New stuff
2004-04-26 11:11:19 ET

While most of the college is flipping out over final exams, I'm far more worried about the upcoming 15th. On the 15th of May is the Amateur Athletic Union's (AAU) state qualifying tournament. If I win, I get to go to the AAU nationals in Ft. Lauderdale later in the year. If I don't, I will be disheartened and out of whatever money it costs to register.

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