Here we go
2004-04-20 09:45:23 ET

I was going to add a lengthy entry, but my computer is a bitch and I need to pee.
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been awhile
2004-04-18 20:24:58 ET

Sorry, it's been awhile. My computers are fucked up. Also, my hand is broken. Master Kim kicked my hand while we were sparring. It hurts like hell. Well, at least I'm not hungover anymore. Friday I went drinking with some of the team and Master Kim. I went drink for drink with a korean. Koreans are the Scotts of Asia. I'm scottish, so we went for it. Two beers, four shots of vodka, and 4-5 margarittas. Just a little trashed. Very hungover. Better now.
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2004-04-11 16:40:57 ET

Okay, I got a job interview tomorrow. I hope this works. Oh, and all that crap on my computer, I found out that it's not the old people's fault. It's Monique. I don't know where she goes, but something keeps getting downloaded and so that's that. Anyway, I'm off cuz this thing won't stop giving me shit.
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