Hmmmm . . .
2004-03-29 13:17:25 ET

Done reformating my hard disk. I'll reinstall my programs later. In the meantime both Monique and I are both going to the dojang tonight. She wants to join Taekwondo so she's going to try it out. My mother's surgery went okay today, but she's having a second inpatient surgery tomorrow. She won't be home for a couple of days.
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2004-03-26 13:16:16 ET

I have a belt test in little over three hours. I'm sure I'll do well, but my legs hurt and I'm kinda tired. Solution: Red Bull + Ibuprofen. Ethan broke a bone in his foot on Wednesday during sparring, so he's not going to be at the belt test. That's okay though because he said he'd leave my cd with Master Kim so I can pick it up. Huzzah.

It came!
2004-03-24 13:53:12 ET

It's about fucking time! My transcripts from my two former colleges have now been fully evaluated by Pima. That's right, I told them that I'm done with my AGEC and I'm not taking that crap again. Anyway, I now have 84 earned credit hours.

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