2004-03-19 20:03:46 ET

Okay, here is the midget story. I was hanging out with my buddy Kristen on Halloween night. We were going to go to the strip club with a couple of her friends. Her friends didn't show for along while and when they did show they decided to grab some drinks and tweak out next door. I not into that whole scene so I split. On the way home a drunk midget, in costume, stepped right in front of my car. I didn't kill the poor lady, only knocked her unconcious, but still.

more haiku
2004-03-19 08:01:57 ET

I ignore myself?
Who are you to say so?
Arogant asshole.

That wasn't supposed to come out like that. It was supposed to be about being ignored, not ignoring myself. It's funny how haiku change the concious intent of the writer. Perhaps in trying to make the syllables conform we are forced to bring bring the subconcious thoughts to light? Is arogant spelled with one "r" or two?

I may not be Irish
2004-03-17 11:46:08 ET

But I am Scottish, and we love drinking just as much. Today will involve burgers on the barbie and guiness all around. Last night involved Monique and I heading out the historical Rialto theater in downtown Tucson. Who was playing you ask? Why, Flogging Molly of course. I've never had a better time than that, not even beating the crap out of New Mexicans in the Albuquerque TKD tournie. I think that this weekend I'll be going to the Renaisance Fair (as if I could spell) with Monique. I'll prolly also pick up my friends Levi and Joline on the way. That'll be Sunday. Saturday I may be playing Call of Cthulhu with some of the guys. That should prove to be . . . horifying?
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