I love my job
2004-03-16 10:26:48 ET

I work at GameStop. I'm not really that big a gamer but GameStop is owned by Barnes & Noble, and therefore my employee discount works at B&N. So I'm debating (because I'm still poor, just employed) whether to buy William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" or something by the ever infamous H.P. Lovecraft. This will require some contemplation.

Sad and sadder
2004-03-15 18:27:20 ET

I'm going to have to sell my bike. That's not cool. I need the money and the bike is the wrong size for me, but no matter how you try spin it it still sux.
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2004-03-14 21:58:05 ET

Crazy little girl
No fear; does what she wants to
The M.A.D. bumble bee

Sleepysmile asked for a haiku. Now you owe me poem s.s.
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